I was born and brought up in Fife and now live and work in Edinburgh. Working mainly in abstract painting my work is influenced by nature and the landscape of places I have visited.

My paintings transform images into flat shapes, clean lines and predominantly solid blocks of colour, using different textures within the different spaces of a painting. Much of my work focuses on harbours, water and landscape where I emphasise a shape or a particular line I have sketched, photographed or remembered. Working mainly in acrylic, the process of constructing the composition often results from deconstructing the idea, sketch, photograph or object to its simplest geometric form. Minimising an object to a shape and distorting proportion alters how landscape is perceived.  Depicting solid objects as hollow, or empty, or filling others full of pure blocks of vibrant colour, encourages the focus on the composition and how one area interacts with another within the space.

At times there is tension between colours, shapes or angles in an attempt to reflect frictions in both nature – or when nature meets man-made structures – and in our everyday lives (depicting the mood or the sense of place) and our memories. Some of my work explores the ways memory can fade from something solid and tangible, transforming this into a hollow shape or an outline to depict the idea that memory may be distorted, simplified or even lost over time.

If you would like any further information about my work, please contact me via the contact page.

My paintings can also be seen in the Found Gallery, Dunbar and The Gallery Melrose in Melrose.

Please feel free to browse but please don’t use any images without my permission. If you have any questions about any of the images you see here, please contact me.