I was born and brought up in Fife and now live and work in Edinburgh where I obtained degrees from The Open University and Edinburgh College of Art.  Working mainly in abstract painting my work is influenced by nature, landscape and organic materials.

Recent work has been based on harbours  water and landscapes. I depict remembered images, sometimes obscured, sometimes uncovered, or distorted in proportion and focus to reflect the parallels with the way our brain remembers some things with more clarity than others. Working mainly in acrylic, the process of constructing the composition often results from deconstructing an idea, a sketch, a photograph or a shape to its simplest form. Sometimes using repetition or pattern, the image is then constructed from different layers which fuse together creating texture, form and perspective. I am both process and observationally driven and this allows an ongoing development of work and stimulates new methods of working

Please feel free to browse but please don’t use any images without my permission. If you have any questions about any of the images you see here, please contact me.